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Aluminum RGBW Spot Light - CDRA12

Aluminum RGBW Spot Light - CDRA12

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What are the best options for a smart WIFI color changing light? One of the best options is our CDR12 low voltage RGBW LED spotlight to achieve the depth of color you are looking for . This directional spotlight can be used year round including in moist climates as this product is IP65 waterproof.

This smart light fixture has WiFi capabilities so it works via smart phone to control the lights colors and modes. It includes different modes such as Music Mode, Voice Mode, RGBW Mode, RGB Scenes, and a Timer. The LED 12V light fixture works with both apple IOS products and Android products. The app is available in the App Store and Google Play with instructions on how to set it up above on the “App Connection Guide” file.

Its 12W SMD 3030 LED 12V provides RGBW color temperature is able to give a combination of 25,000+ colors and 1,330 Lumens light which is why you can enjoy multicolor rich lighting features. It has a black coated heavy-duty cast aluminum body that defines its potent structural condition. It is 5″ in length and 5.5″ in height and a lens diameter of 3.5″. This high beam tree spotlight has a beam angle of 35 degrees. Included with the fixture is the ground plastic spike for staking into the ground and a clip-on adjustable lamp shade to deflect light from window, sitting areas, etc.


Body: Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum
Finish: Black
Power: Integrated 12W AC 12V 3030 LED
Color Temperature: RGBW (Color Changing)
Lumens: 1330 LM
Beam Angle: 35°
Size: 5″ (L) x 5.” (H) x 3.5″ (Diameter)
Included: ABS Ground Spike

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