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LED Controller RF Remote Wireless Mini Controller 5~24V DC

LED Controller RF Remote Wireless Mini Controller 5~24V DC

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ALITOVE WS2812B WS2811 Mini RF Remote Controller
Working temperature: -20℃~60℃
Working voltage: DC5V~24V
Working current: 30mA
Remote distance: 15 Meters
Remote size: 85mm*40mm*7mm
Product weight: 30g
Certificates: CE, RoHS

1. The controller’s input voltage is 5V~24V, but it can’t regulate the output voltage.
That means you should choose power supply according to your led lights, not the controller.
If your LED light needs 5V input, please use a 5V power supply, NEVER use a 12V or 24V power supply. Otherwise, your led light will be burnt out.
Please never use power supply more than 24V or less than 5V.
2. If the controller displays the wrong colors, for example red button shows green, please don’t worry, it doesn't mean the controller is defective. Resetting the R/G/B order again will resolve the issue.

1x RF LED remote
1x receiving controller
1x operating instruction

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